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Wow... OK, that killed the FPS

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Hi all

Decided to build a cobblestone generator connected to an Energy condenser... wow, that really clobbers the CPU. The game is unplayable when that thing is switched on (boo... no free diamonds).

So, in an attempt to free up resources, I ditched the MILES of waterproof pipe from my oil pump, and the MILES of pipe from my quarry and replaced them with teleport pipes.

Now the game has become totally unplayable. It lags so bad it doesn't even draw the room I am standing in.

I thought pipes were pretty resource hungry? Can't see how teleport pipes can be more thirsty than standard pipes?

Its single player - not multi

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Mmm. I am switching my quarry electrical engines and oil refinery redstone engines on/off with wireless. But that's only two.

The block breakers (24 of them - ok that may be overkill - but I only run half that at the moment), are wired up in sets of 6 with redstone Pneumatic pipes and a single timer controlling six at a time.

The timer is fed by a receiver through a block+torch to reverse polarity. That gives me an on/off switch to kill the block breakers if I want (by applying a redstsone current to the timer when the receiver is off).

Are wireless modules really CPU heavy? On single player, that seems odd.

Well... remove all the wireless and put the poxy pipes back then

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