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Power Box MKII, Its Here!


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Me and Emilgardis have created a New and Improved PowerBox that is Larger then the First but replaces the Reactor Cells Automatically!

Thanks to Emilgardis for his Uranium cell producing Concept. After hours of thinking and building, we were able to make it into one Machine, that every Hour will empty the Uranium Cells out of the built-in reactor and replace them with fresh new ones, Eliminating the need to replace the cells like my first version.

Schematic File HERE

Uses Wireless Redstone Channels 1000-1004

For Tekkit 3.1.1

Much like the first one you must Mount the Energy sensor kit to the panel, but there is a simple guide using signs

The box without the outer frame:


Alot of compact things but with Redpower, Industrial craft, and Equivelent Exchange its Possible!

The First version can be found Here

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