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  1. Updated guide with the most recent links,and easier to follow instructions.
  2. Ik.Tho shouldn't we doing this with the Worldedit style of schematic importing,i get an error when trying to I'll just look up mcedit \ \Edit : Got it working pal.thanks !!!!3
  3. Sorry for bothering you,could you help me with importing this in my server / map,because to be honest i really don't know how to do it :(
  4. I've been cooking up some sugestions,but this one i think is my best. Since enchanting is kinda broken in H/M,why not have enchantment scrolls. They'd spawn in dungeons,and boost / add atributes to an item once they've been crafted togheter.That'd be pretty sick i guess,if frizz could implement such thing.
  5. Dude,make sure that the client version matches the server's. (retarded question ftw.)
  6. When i was 13 i drank like a pint of jack daniels + cola,it was dads. But luckily parents were at a wedding and they didn't even notice.
  7. Well,that's my preference,i like most of his songs,and yeah dubstep's kinda garbage.
  8. Better Area System: Area levels should be only bigger numbers.Like : Level 1,then next area should be level 5,and so on. WHY:Because it's a PITA travelling half an hour just to get to a decent area
  9. Well more ranged combat will be awesome.Just saying. + Flying mounts :D
  10. Better wait for the update to get pushed to the launcher as it is Currently: Hack/Mine v0.6.0 (Development) Or just choose the development version from the launchers options menu :D
  11. Sorry for me not beeing able to update this guide in a while.My pc is fried since last month. Hope to see you soon guys :D
  12. Sad news from me : Pc got KO'ed and i lost all my work at improving h/m.I had a prototype for my sugestion,and was going to post it here. Though I'm trying to make a drawing in paint/PShop or any other software of my gui design. And thanks for the reply Friz :D
  13. To adress all the whining that there's been here lately with inventory.Why not separate the inventory GUI from the spell,stat GUI.So I should be inventory and armour.And E should be spells and stat points :)
  14. @modversity You've must have did something wrong. Link to the actual H/M version (0.53 ) is now in the OP
  15. IGN:epic_xwootx Can you host a server?:Yes.No-Hamachi Do you Cheat for items or play legit?:Legit do you have skype or team speak?:skype: andreijust4u What class would you be:Ranger/Warrior Any other info we should know:Veteran MC player.And i have some exp. with hack/mine
  16. Build a dirt pillar till Y258 then use the warrior or ranger jump skill you get tp'ed to skylands :)
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