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My macertator dosen't work

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There is one true block named generator - it is a furnace with a machine block and a battery iirc.

There are however many blocks that will generate power; geothermal generators, various solar panels, windmills, water driven thingies, stuff that turns engines in to generators... A lot. :)

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The biggest difference between them is how much eu/t they produce... You can go from wind (2-4 eu/t) to nuclear (up to and supposedly sometimes higher than 2400 eu/t).

However, most people draw from power supplies, and there only a few; the batbox (32eu/t), the MSU (128eu/t) and the MFSU (512eu/t).

Your machines take up to 32 eu/t which is equal to a batbox output. If you want them to use a higher supply family, you will need to use a transformer, or use transformer upgrades in your machines or they will blow up.

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