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Disabling Spawning of Items

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Ok before all of you coment saying "Go into your minecraft folder and go to Mod ee props and set the thing to 0" I did that but i want to disable the spawning because ill be having donaters with creative and i dont want them to be using Nova Catalyst Is there any plugin that can do this?

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If it's on the server, mods/properties might not work - I've had to remove the folders from the mod subfolder of the server folder. There's also plugins that do this.

You really shouldn't give donors powerful features unless everyone has them, or the server will essentially become a pay-for server. It's not fun to play survival, working hard to get that diamond pick, when someone else is just flying through the air crafting 20-chunk castles with a right-click, so no-one who doesn't have cash will play. If that's your goal, it's better to just make a commercial server.

If you want to give donors something, make it something that you normally can't get (easily) but that won't really change the balance of the game. A bunch of Ruby blocks will give them endless mid-tier equipment but won't break anything - rather it'll give them something cool to show of with in their lairs. The same can be said for sponges, lapiz ore blocks or anything else that you cannot get normally but that doesn't create a "tier system" between the players.

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