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  1. Oh, agreed, if one uses gregtech the teching is clearly slower. It feels much more fluid now though, and feels like it makes sense more. Now the natural tech solution is kinda like: hand-tools > heat-driven (mainly) mechanics > basic electrics > advanced electrics. I much prefer that to old tekkit's hand-tools > electrics > electrical mechanics. It feels more fluid and less weird. I'd say more natural, but nothing about minecraft is natural so that's kinda moot. I kinda like that though. I always find my first (and sometimes second) setups to be temporary regardless, as I generally move my base at least once or twice depending on how far I've gotten in the game. But since engines are so easy to move - just get a pickaxe or crescent hammer, no risk of getting destroyed etc - it's quite easy to make a permanent setup and later upgrade it anyway in the beginning. Just put the machines next to each other and put the engines behind - then when you upgrade, just remove the engines and replace them with conduits.
  2. But if you have access to a MJ storage device, how can you not have access to energy conduits? Moving engines is really really simple compared to the IC2 setups, and when you're ready to store the energy (outside of the machines, of course) you have access to energy conduits.
  3. I find hobbyist' steam engines to be my favorite early game engine, and those are easily just hooked up directly to pulverizers/furnaces/crucibles/transposers. Especially since in the early game you don't want them running 24/7.
  4. yeah those specs seem a bit low for tekkit. tried tekkit lite? also, tried getting/removing optifine and playing around with the settings? I've found optifine can alter your performance a LOT, in both directions, on different settings and systems.
  5. Well, in most forums there generally seems to be either A) quite slack attitude towards people being angry at each other (which can nice, because there's nothing wrong with emotions and it's usually strongest to those closest to the discussed issue; some of the best debates I've seen has involved shouting matches and death threats) or are generally soft and nice enough that people don't get mad (generally, forums where mostly people who don't have to deal with hardships are). Generally I must say the technic forum is very strongly moderated, though in an uncommon way. Things that are very rarely (or practically never) against the rules in other places are forbidden here (signing your post, posting a meme) while things a lot of forums would ban for are accepted and even encouraged here (lots of comments in the PAINS thread comes to mind). But, now we're slipping off topic which itself isn't really appropriate... So back to thread. Do you people tend to favor different governing methods in different modpacks?
  6. This is the only forum I've ever visited where political threads were frowned upon, actually.
  7. I could host a smaller server, got a good connection and 8 GB ram but it's the same computer I play at. I could have it up most of the time, not 24/7 but well 20/7. My time is GMT+1.
  8. So, since a lot of people seem to prefer SMP communism yet I never find such a server, would some of you be interested in us starting a technic server with commie economics?
  9. are you looking for legit ways to refill it so it's actually full, legit ways to refill it so it looks good or any way to refill it? If the first, I have no idea. If the second, you could put a filler at sea level-1 and have it fill that plane with dirt, walk onto it and make a spreading source that covers the whole thing, then set the filler to remove the dirt. If the third, I'd download worldedit and use /fixwater or whatever it's called.
  10. SMP tends towards either mutualism or anarchocommunism. SSP I don't care about the NPC's one way or another.
  11. Make a sign next to the gravel that says "You're worth less than frikkin' SAND in every way."
  12. Yeah, DNS is goddamn horrible from that perspective. And others. I think there's less ore bloat in latest version, as half the mods are 1.2.5 only, but it's still a lot (and since it lost all the interesting mods that tekkit lacks, like betterfarming, there's no real reason to use it anymore rather than tekkit+forestry).
  13. Your picture lacks pipes, but make sure you connect the engines to _wooden_ conductive pipes - that's an error I made when I was new at buildcraft, thinking I could just attach engines to gold conductive pipes.
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