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Porting blueprints/blueprint drawing to Tekkit compatible SMP


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Anyone who has compared an SMP Template to a SSP Blueprint in buildcraft SURELY knows of the vast difference between the two. With buildcraft SMP still at 2.2.14, we can see no near future release of the Blueprint item (and its mechanics) into Tekkit any time soon. From the look of the code and commits on https://github.com/SirSengir/BuildCraft , I don't see much of an attempt to get anything from BC 3.x.xx ported to SMP. So, here's the challenge:

  1. Make the blueprint item (material specific template) and the method to writing it SMP compatible.
  2. Use the blueprint API to add in Tekkit 3.04 or higher blocks in the list of recognized materials.
  3. Release this on the modder's metropolis board (unless Sengir asks otherwise).

If something like this already exists, please let me know here so I can install it. I can't stand the members of my survival server constantly whining about it while I'm working on the Gibbycraft/Aragami mod. I have an experimental API I wrote for buildcraft that allows you to access items from it in another mod (like Items.java in the IC² API). If you want to test it or use it for this, bounce me a PM (I'm not ready to officially release it, due to it being experimental and possibly glitchy).

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