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ComputerCraft '=' expected help

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I don't know exactly where to put this, and I can't seem to get online on the ComputerCraft forums, but since ComputerCraft is a big part of Technic Pack, I assume everyone here knows a bit of Lua.

So, my problem is that on a line where I have "end" written, I get an error saying '=' expected.

Here's my code:

while turtle.detectDown()==false do





while turtle.detectUp()==false do



The problem is occuring on line 8 (last line).

Anybody who can help me, thank you very much! And if you are a moderator, please move my post to the correct topic (:

Thank you very much.

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I really know nothing about computercraft but by looking at the code it looks like it should say turtle.digUp() not turtle.digUp

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