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  1. The real problem is the accounts are actual people registering accounts manually then spamming the forums. edit: Made some changes to the registration process that will hopefully help.
  2. I for one welcome our new bot overlords.
  3. For whatever reason we were unable to export to YouTube so here is the whole thing on Twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/sctx/c/3976807
  4. We have addressed this in the new Platform. We will go over it in detail during the stream.
  5. I wouldn't worry about the new system replacing ratings. We will go into detail about how it works Saturday.
  6. Issues with the wiki should be resolved. Accounts are no longer linked to forum accounts and registration is open again. If you already had an account from xenforo you can request a password reset on the wiki. If you need a new account just create it on the wiki as per usual and verify your email address. Sorry for taking so long to fix this!
  7. This is fixed now. Sorry.
  8. And you are posting about this in the Platform Pagoda? The wrong area? Not only that you aren't including any crash logs. How do you expect we fix any of these problems without knowing what the problems are?
  9. The Platform was designed with server owners in mind. You just couldn't easily modify base modpacks like Tekkit without having all your players make the same changes on the client end. That was a pain in the ass! The Platform solved this problem and now you see servers like Tekkify thriving with their own custom modpacks. We even have some really awesome custom stuff like Crafting Dead. It seems you don't like progress.
  10. I bumped up the max. You should be fine now. yeah the limit is applied to all img tags regardless of where they are hosted. Heh.
  11. Please submit a bug report on the Tracker (click Tracker at the top of the forums) and include your logs.
  12. You go to the Tracker (top of the page) and submit a bug report with your error log.
  13. Why is this topic even open. If someone has any actual questions or concerns or opinions or ideas or whatever else, then make a new thread and we can start over.
  14. CanVox is working on fixing the hamster issue. I wasn't aware about wolves either but I guess I haven't seen any either now that I think about it. I will bug him about it. In regards to bats being overpowered, well... that's intentional design. I know it conflicts with flight from genetics but it doesn't change the fact that we weren't trying to nitpick balance everything in the pack.
  15. No one cares what you think about Attack of the B-Team and we don't care if you like it or not. No one is trying to convince you its great. That's your own choice.
  16. Why is it blowing your mind people love this pack? Does everyone have to think like you? I just don't understand.
  17. If you click the circle (or star) to the left of posts it will take you to the most recent unread post.
  18. You are grasping at straws here. You realize that crash was because Morph grabs a file from iChuns GitHub that happened to be improperly formatted due to some merges he made last night? He fixed it in 30 minutes. e: And why is it so hard for you to accept that this pack just isn't for you? A lot of people here love the imbalance and ridiculous aspect of the pack. That's the whole point. You are calling it terrible design but it was the intended design.
  19. No please don't submit any reports.
  20. I dont want to give everyone access to the Fixed status but maybe we can add a special usergroup that gets access to it? I dunno.
  21. Your Java bin folder isn't set in your environment path. Google the fix for this.
  22. Hexxit was designed in a way that it doesn't need to be updated. If we ever do a major upgrade it would probably be a "sequel" or something.
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