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Rotary Macerators exploding from MV - why? :S

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I just upgraded from furnaces to induction furnaces and macerators to rotary ones. Since I already had an mfe unit, I figured I might as well hook them up to some medium voltage too. So I swapped cables to gold, hooked up the MFE unit... And BAM went the rotary macerator furthest away from the MFE. Maybe 30 seconds later, the other one went too.

This was the setup:




The B is the MFE battery, G is gold cable, F is induction furnace and M is rotary macerator.

Anyone got any idea what happened? Thanks

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So you mean that it will manage 127 EU/t but not 128? Well, that's weird. How irritating. In other words, I should have used HV cable or something so it lost enough power not to 'splode. Very well - it'll have to do with double bat boxes instead.

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