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Additional Pipes question

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This add on for BC seems to be bug ridden and as far as I can tell the developers are not around or absent for awhile at the very least. I am curious as to why it is included in Tekkit considering the issues this mod seems to have.

My personal experience with it is most of it either works briefly then breaks, breaks other parts of Tekkit, or it crashes the server when trying to use it. I really loved the teleport pipes for the few hours I could get them to function then spent another few hours trying to get it working again and finally went back to the old fashioned pipes to move stuff. Additionally I was teleporting power to a quarry and it was working amazingly well until it suddenly stopped sending power and the quarry broke. Could that be a different issue or is it a BuildCraft problem in general?

Seems to be a large overlap in functions for many of the Mods included in Tekkit.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a search and did not find this asked directly.

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