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[3.1.2]Anarchy Vanilla[PvP[45 Slots][Vanilla][All Mods Enabled] No banned/restricted items


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Before the walls of text here is the server info as required;

IP: Marina.strangled.net

Rules:  1. Don't intentionally try to crash the server, that is pretty much the only way to get yourself banned.

No mods are removed or restricted, everything from the mod pack is in the server. (Although i have taken out NEI to stop people changing into creative mode..)


I made this server because i have fond memories of tekkit classic, and i wanted to put a server up that other people could come and enjoy without having everything restricted because the staff don't want greifers, well this server is all about greif/raid so enjoy >:)


Right now only a few people have joined my server, so the map is pretty new and unravaged as of writing this.

The server is OPEN to everyone as long as you remember the golden joining rule, (TEKKIT CLASSIC 3.1.2)


This server has no special snowflake effect, it will not make you cry at the sight of spawn with joy and ecstasy, instead you will wonder why you still play minecraft when you come back online to find your base has been nuked.


Some side notes, i do not need "staff" or "mods" for the server, i am quite capable of running it alone so please do not ask as you will be disappointed :)

*Insert generic minecraft spawn buildings here* (I don't have any)

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