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  1. IP: This server has four external plugins running; factions, bukkit, clearlagg & lagmeter There are no banned or restricted items on the server, everything in tekkit classic is available on the server no bull. Server is 24/7 from today, and is new but i have experience with hosting servers. I'm looking for some greifers and bad players There are no rules, hack to your hearts content or just spam nukes all over the place, it is up to you, the server has PVP enabled and it's fair game outside of the spawn island. When you spawn you will ha
  2. Before the walls of text here is the server info as required; IP: Marina.strangled.net Rules: 1. Don't intentionally try to crash the server, that is pretty much the only way to get yourself banned. No mods are removed or restricted, everything from the mod pack is in the server. (Although i have taken out NEI to stop people changing into creative mode..) I made this server because i have fond memories of tekkit classic, and i wanted to put a server up that other people could come and enjoy without having everything restricted because the staff don't want greifers, well this server is all a
  3. Server ip is: rekt.strangled.net Rules: 1. Don't hack 2. Don't spam 3. Greifing & raiding is allowed, it's anarchy No mods are removed from this server, it's as vanilla as it comes. (Meaning no plugins, use a bed to set your home friend) About the server; This is a brand new server, and as the nature of anarchy i will not be taking on staff members sorry. The only 'staff' you will see is me the owner (zakanater19). We are looking for players that enjoy the freedom of what the modpack intended, meaning mystcraft and all the other good stuff in tekkit lite is allowed h
  4. Sorry for the flashy title, oy vey. So after crawling through laggy restricted to hell tekkit lite servers i decided to host my own, the IP is anarchy.twilightparadox.com There are NO banned/restricted items and pretty much anything goes, as far as admins or staff are concerned only "zakanater19" is anything other than a normal member, please do not be fooled. Alright ill just lay down the rules here because why should i build a nice spawn to have it greifed by some assclown with dynamite or some simular bypassing bullshit. 1. No hax, of course i can't really stop you guys, but
  5. TekkitLite Anarchy is a new server hosted my myself, it has no banned items, and when i say that i mean it you can use mystcraft all you want along with all the other modpack mods. To join just put the IP: Bioware.no-ip.info And i will not tp you worlds, if your dumb enough to get trapped in a world without a return book; ur ded. so get a linking book asap RULES: 1. I will not tp you to someone else, unless you are both agreeing to it 2.I will not give you items, so don't ask plz ;_; 3.Don't spam mystworld, i only had 3gb on the server so don't go OTT on the worlds,
  6. i signed in just to mock you, it's classic you dumb fuck, also no one can join even in classic
  7. Welcome to Magic-craft! A Tekkit lite server Magic-craft is a server i threw together so me and some other people can play on a new map, ALL the mods enabled and just have a bit of fun with friends At this time we have 3gb of ram, but i can bump it up to 4gb when im not playing on the server. To join the server you need hamachi; then join Magic_server1 to Magic_server5. The IP is (sorry for the crappy post, ill fix it up later on) Rules: 1. None, IT'S ANARCHY
  8. Also, the world border is very annoying since its anarchy..
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