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mining well and quarry not working on my tekkit server

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I've install Tekkit on my beastnode server and everything work very well. Everything but 2 major point. Whenever I put down a Mining Well or a quarry powered by multiple (or single) steam engine nothing happen... no drilling at all.. And if I break the cube under the bloc, the *drill appear but dont *drill furter..

Knowking that I use Group Manager, do I need to give certains permissions to myself and the other players or the probleme is something else?

I Already try to Clean stop my server and restart it.

I am OP on the serv...

Can you help me please?

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You need to give the fakeusers the mods use permissions to break blocks. Almost every thread here with quarry int he title is asking the exact same thing. The easy was is to op the [buildcraft] etc fake users. The hard way it to add them to your permissions system with only the rights they need

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Default settings in Group Manager adds anyone who isn't promoted or manually added to a specific group, to the default group, which has no rights to destroy blocks. You need to add the fake users for IC2, BC and RP2 to the builders group. You can do that manually in users.yml in the Group Manager's world folder. Or you could create an extra group with destroy/place rights for the fake users for mods if you like.

I don't know the fake user name for IC2, but 3 others are [buildCraft], [RedPower],[Forestry] (if you decide to add Forestry mod). You need to include the brackets.

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