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Updating ComputerCraft to 1.3 r3?


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Is it possible to update the current version of computecraft to 1.3 r3? It's been ported, and I've attempted to install it (Properly), yet it gives me a message on-screen that states a lua file failed to load (bios.lua, which is indeed installed both clientside and serverside)

Missing dependencies, or perhaps outdated dependencies?

I really want ComputerCraft 1.3, because it adds Turtles. (Robots that can be coded in Luascript)

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It's possible to get it to work with the current release, but it took me a while to figure it out and I had to disable some stuff like railcraft. I don't remember exactly how I got it to work but one protip is that you need to use the bukkit ported version of computercraft, not the one from the computercraft website...:)

Also labels aren't working for me - so it's really not the best solution.

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