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  1. We launched ok geeze this topic is filled with old information! We are launching on Christmas Day Hold on to your butts. The new Platform is here: http://beta.technicpack.net/ The new Launcher is available from here: LauncherV3 This is a major design and (especially) feature shift from the current system. For those of you that make packs you get access to a wealth of social features, update-in-launcher aspects and a very clear line of communication to your users. Your Platform page is now a very robust platform (heh) from which to show off your creation and engage with your users directly. For those of you that just play, now you'll have many more ways to interact with pack creators and a voice of your own to highlight packs you like, read what other users are doing, etc. Everyone will benefit from the new system, and we hope you guys like it as much as we've loved creating it for you. Please remember that this is not complete and things will be broken. If you find something that doesn't work like you think it should post it here, or come to #platformbeta on SynIRC and let us know. If you already have a Platform account (not the same as your Forums account) just use the same info to log in, remember to use your email instead of your username. List of new features: Platform Features: All NEW social features! Ability to follow users and modpacks Ability to post statuses as a user or a modpack owner. Dashboard feed of followed users/modpack posts Community feed of fellow users modpacks Like/Comment/Report posts New search engine powered by elasticsearch Makes it easier to find modpacks on the platform :woot: New algorithm to calculate trending modpacks! DOWN WITH +1 New statistics system for calculating runs and installs Improved back-end code Redesigned Admin console (for us) AND MUCH MORE Launcher Features: ALL NEW DESIGN!!!!! Modpacks Abillity to search for modpacks! Abillity to Install modpacks! View modpack descriptions and status posts! View modpack likes/runs/installs! News View news posts in a newly organized tab Discover View trending, HOT, and new modpacks General Options New selectable language support! (Translators wanted!) Custom Java arguments
  2. He did yeah, and as it was pointed out it was 3 million. He now has *over a billion dollars* on top of everything he already had as well, and unless he peels off some to share with his very tiny, very profitable company I'm going to call him an asshole. Maybe he's just weird and can't connect with people Not doing stock options for his employees though, especially with such a massive buyout, on TOP of the wealth he already have, that's a dick move.
  3. Notch "sold out" a long time ago and hasn't had anything to do with Minecraft in a long long time. 'Losing' Notch is a complete non-issue to Mojang and Minecraft. What I AM salty about is how Notch went about it. It's all rumors now, but apparently there were only three share holders and Notch had 71% of those shares. Nobody else at Mojang is going to get anything from this, nothing at all and to me that's unforgivable. Notch could have given some shares to his employees a long time ago but chose not to do it, and instead writes a little note about how he's sad he's a 'symbol' now and doesn't have a connection with his fans. The hell man, you could at least have a connection with your employees, pay them a livable wage, maybe pay for their relocation and possibly give up a small slice of your literal billion dollar buyout deal to them. But nope, Notch took the money, didn't share it with anyone, and left the people he had working at Mojang high and dry. Like the dude has no actual humanity.
  4. With the way the new Platform is designed it isn't tied to just Minecraft.
  5. Do the Dew™ brought to you by RedBox Instant™ from Verizon®. Click the Doritos Locos Taco™ by Taco Bell® to continue Attack of the B-Team™
  6. We did the livestream and it was fun. Watch the recording here: http://www.twitch.tv/sctx/c/3976807 Saturday March 29th @ 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Where: http://www.twitch.tv/sctx Are you ready to see what is waiting for you with the new Technic? Are you pumped to see just how gosh-darn pretty it will all look? Then you should make some space on Saturday, March 29th where sct, CanVox and I we will be livestreaming the new Technic Platform, Launcher, designs and features for both, and general chit chattery. We'll be answering questions, swerving wildly off-topic and probably just being idiots. Topics to be Talked About: New Platform and how rad max it is! Tired of upvotes being the only way to sort packs? Us too! New Launcher and how max rad it is! Looks great, performs better. Platform integration means doing more within the launcher itself from the comfort of your desktop (Linux, Mac and PC's are all invited) How great both of them work together in wonderful ways! I'd say 'synergize' but I'm pretty sure you have to be a giant company to use that word. Why sct constantly says things like "omg you guys elastic search" while he's all sweaty and breathing heavy! This happens more often than you'd think! Where Technic could go in the future! We want to move into new directions, new games. Making things easy for every gaming community to enjoy itself is a pretty rad goal we think. New art!! It's so fresh and so clean, we'd like to have some posters and shirts someday! Real world costs and how we plan to pay for all of this! We're down 3 kidneys and two mortgages! Joking aside, costs for operating Technic have grown dramatically in the last year, and spiked hard when we launched Attack of the B-Team. Because the new Platform and Launcher include so many new features that are going to blow your minds, we've got some decisions to make on how to pay for all this. Right now we have a significant hosting bill across two services, we have three full-time people who "do" Technic exclusively, and we have a few other various people that do incredible work for the community. Like most websites Technic's lifeblood is ads on our site, but with the new features and services we're going to provide and costs being what they are *right now*, we have to do something else. Rather than curse ourselves to sell out to a much larger company we are determined to do this ourselves. Since the new Launcher integrates with the new Platform in such a way to allow lots of things to be done within the Launcher (as opposed to having to go to the website) we're looking at having a single small ad (300x250) within the launcher itself. Nothing is set in stone and we certainly don't want to upset the community, but the reality is things cost money and they have to be paid for somehow. We don't have a time set for when the stream ends, but typically when we hang out privately we do it for an hour or two, so plan on that if you'd like to stay for the whole thing. Any questions or concerns about anything I've said above or about the stream in general post em' here or tweet with the hashtag #newtechnic! On the stream, we'll be answering questions posted to twitter and in the stream chat. See you guys at Saturday March 29th @ 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  7. Depends on if you have Curse Premium™ or not :v:
  8. Curse absolutely owns the domains, that was the requirement for the deal. The only things of value now belong to Curse, the domains, web pages and forums. All that traffic will now be Curse's traffic. People might argue that "Feed The Beast" or "Forge" as names don't belong to Curse, but those things also don't have any value. We don't know what non-compete clauses were signed (if any) either.
  9. I think he meant "Curse" has 40 developers, but the guy who was heading Curse Forge was the sucky one. Those lines where in separate conversations.
  10. Hi. Curse approached us in October about having a "partnership" between Curse and Technic. We talked for a few days, both via email and over phone, and the first initial offer was this: 1. Curse would purchase Technic and its assets for a set amount. This means the things that Curse sees value in, the domains. Domain traffic = ad hits, which is Curse's entire business model. 2. A lead position at Curse to "fix" CurseForge for a substantial yearly salary ("fix" means make popular so Curse gets more ad revenue), with maybe going on to other under-performing aspects of Curse's properties to "fix" them as well. That quote of "I have a guy there now, but they fucking suck" was said to me over the phone, directly, about how CurseForge was currently performing. In total, I'd sell them Technic and it's domains, hand over control of all our in-house made software for a fixed amount, and then I'd become a Curse employee, but only me. Nobody else on my team. When I brought up how the team was vital, I was told "We have 40 developers!" and they sent their offer anyway, after talking about how important it was that my team was included. My reply to their offer was That is for-real literally what I said. Guess what I was met back with? Afford what? I never said an amount, I never requested a specific sum of money, the only numbers where from Curse's end. The only requirement was that it was my team and I. They ran away the moment they realized I wasn't willing to throw my team under the bus, that I knew how much value Syndicate (the company Technic operates under) actually carried. Curse doesn't make money by being fair, they get their wealth from low-balling people and profiting off their work. There was an initial offer, but no negotiation because they simply stopped talking when I refused their offer. But hey, if not selling out somehow makes me a sell out then I guess I'm the biggest sellout ever!
  11. Yeah we gave out around 20 or so at Minecon just after the panel we were on. Don't worry, soon enough you'll be able to get one. :) :)
  12. 120,000 custom modpacks on Platform right now. How do you propose we patrol this and make sure people are using their hosting solutions properly?
  13. :lol: this thread. Caustic attitudes (on top of all the other bullshit, adfly included) is a no-fly zone.
  14. http://www.technicpack.net/technic/about August 2011 is correct.
  15. On our facebook and twitter yeah, but there are a lot of people after something like this so word can get around fairly quickly.
  16. Hey jakj sorry if I destroy your bandwidth. If you need any help with that let me know, we have a jenkins you can use if you'd like.
  17. Woah hey get out of my private collection
  18. It's always the same stereotyped journey. A shitstorm? Yeah, a "pillar" of the community is incredibly obnoxious and gets slapped. Instead of going "Woah yeah ok" and just stepping back and cooling off, he gets all huffy, does EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO NOT DO and complains about how unfair things are, ends up getting people mocking him badly, THEN he tries to go back and edit the posts to hide the shit he said, PM's admins and screams "I AM DONE" as if there is some sort of great loss that someone lacks basic social graces. The 'shitstorm' is someone exposing how terrible they are and having people go "woah yeah thats p. gross" and then trying to backpedal. Nobody did anything to Vas that isn't done to anyone else. Lots of other people take a hint and deal with it. The ones that can't are not healthy for any community, even a backwater one like ours.
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