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Having problems with RP2 sorting machine...

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I have a sorting machine hooked up to a timer with some red alloy wires and it seems to be bugging out. So when I first put it down with the timer it worked fine and everything was good but now when it gets power from the timer it acts like its getting constant power. Am I making a stupid mistake or is something wrong?

Also I am on a small server with a couple of friends.

Here is a picture of the sorting machine and it shows that it's powered even though its not.


The Inside:


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I see two potential problems:

1. If you use a timer for redstone pulses, what time do you have? I've found that at lower than .5 seconds it quite often bugs out and turns into a constant current.

2. Could the machine be clogged up? If an item has nowhere to go when it's out in the tubes it'll go back - and clog the machine until it can get out. Test breaking the tube in front of the machine, see if anything comes out. If something does come out, the issues are probably full chests or wrong color connections.

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