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Supposedly compatible Bukkit plugins not working on Tekkit server

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I've decided to run a Tekkit server, but I want to keep the functionality of my Bukkit plugins. If I understand correctly, I'm supposed to just drop the .jars into the Plugins folder like I would for Bukkit - however, none of the plugins I attempted to install work (they don't show up in the /plugin list). They are as follows:







I'm fairly sure that at least WorldEdit and ScizzrHome are up to date/compatible, but they don't show up. Can anyone shed some light on my situation?

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Update: I'm not sure why, but I tried running the server again with plugins installed, and they all seem to work. As I have no idea why this happened, I can't say how I "fixed" it.

If it makes any difference, the server runs Fedora Core 13 with Java 6.

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