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Road to Musket Factory! - Let's Play / Tutorial... I guess.

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Hello!! to everyone and anyone, My name is Mikey B. Congratulations! to who was brave enough to venture into this over-saturated part of minecraft, I present to you. My Technic Series.

I'm not going to lie or be modest, but, you're likely not to check out my videos. Here is why you should at least take a few minutes to check my series out;

- I'm not patronisingly joyous.

- I'm not brain-dead.

- I'm not infuriatingly bad at minecraft.

- I'm not an incompetent 'Let's Player'...

- I'm moderately funny.

- People say I sound like Neville Longbottom in the Deathly Hallows (I know it's pretty specific).

- I'm Welsh...

- My Username is "LolFishFail" for crying out loud...

The Playlist of my series is here: CLICK ME (BECAUSE LINK LOOKS MESSY)

My Channel is: http://www.youtube.com/LolFishFail - ( yes, I play other games too )

Here is Episode 1:

As you probably guessed, I'm trying to create an automated musket factory.

Treat it as a laugh, tutorial or walkthrough. But, if you like the series, be sure to Subscribe :)

Disclaimer: Though maybe frustrating to veterans of Technic, this is my first experience with the modpack installed and my first project. Thanks for Reading. Contains Mild Language...

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