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[3.1.2]smp.blockcraft.ch[CLOSED / NO WHITELIST][20 Slots][]


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This Project is Closed.


Hello my Name is Fabian95qw and i'm presenting the

www.blockcraft.ch Tekkit Server.

It's a non-whitelist Server with currently 20 Slots (We can stock it up at any Time)

Server Informations:

IP: smp.blockcraft.ch

Tekkit Server Version: 3.1.2

Slots: 20


It contains a Lot of Plugins:

CoreData (Logs Everything)

Item Blocker

Blocked ID's:

- '46'

- '239'

- '126:10'

- '126:11'

- '30208'

- '26524'

- '237'

- '7270'

Only Blocked on world not world2 or others...

Plugins Full List:






Dynmap-Worldguard (Shows WG Zones on Dynmap)






MineBackup (1000 Backups. Backup every 15min)



Player-Tracker(For Multi Acc's for Preventing Multi-Griefs from the Same Person)







The Spawn Area has now a lot of Buildings.


The Rules are just simple.

No Griefing!

No Stealing!

PVP Only in World2

Build wherever you want

For War or other Tests you can use the other Worlds. (/goto World2)

The Main World is currently Limited to 6000 Blocks from Point X: 0 Y:0

We can expand this at any time.

Some Screenshots:.







I'll hope some of you decide to Visit our Server.

If you have Questions just ask.

If something is wrong with the Language i'm sorry about that.

For Issues please Mail to [email protected]

Your sincerly Fabian95qw


Already a few Players joined. Thanks for that!

So we are staring to build a Huge City on the Map. The Resources are here but not the Architects.


I counted at least 32 Different Players, but already the first Things were stolen.

LogBlock is broken.

We changed to an other Logging Plugin.

It works now.


There are much new Players! But also much Griefers. We're trying to get rid of them as good as possible.

Banlsit got very long.

We Expanded the Map from 3000 to 6000

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Hey i'm not sure what happened but i've been on holidays for a past couple of months i was extremely sad to find out that when i got back my account was banned from my favorite Tekkit server. Before i left i gave my minecraft account password to my friend to test out the game hoping he would like it and buy it too, but i guess he used it for wrong and not good. I have since changed my password and not allowed him any access to my accounts but i was wondering if I could please be unbanned. I would love to get back on and hang with my friends e.g Apollosx and build mega factories. =D. I would really appreciate it if you looked over this because this server really means a lot to me. Thank you for taking your time reading this. I hope for the best and im sorry for any inconvinience my friend caused you. =D

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Yes i was Sorry for that, because there was a Factory which cuased 20'000 Items in 10 Minutes, and i had to find this factory.

And also a plugin is causing a lot of CPU ussage which causes the Server to go down...

@Westboyz you know it's always a danger to give your MC accounts to other Persons. You are responsible for your account, no matter if someone else was using it.

But i show mercy and i'll unban you.

Sincerly Fabian95qw

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Thank you. I Migrated the Tekkit Server today.

The DNS Change will take 3 Hours (Time to Live) until you can reach the New Server, because of the IP-Change.

But you can try instead of smp.blockcraft.ch to connect to the Server.

Hope this will hold better.

Sincerly Fabian95qw

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hey fabian, me and my friend mikegentil have been away for a while, today we attempted to join the server and it said we were banned, the problem is we didnt do anything, is it possible that we got hacked?, i dont know, but is it possible to unban us so we can play on this server again?

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I've some Bad News.

The Tekkit Server of smp.blockcraft.ch is going down.

A Thanks for all Players which joined our Server.

The Map became so instable that the only solution would've been to Create a New Map.

Also there were more and more griefiers with Tricks to not get Recognized by CoreProtect.

But instead we started our own ModPack! BlockPack Lite (Blockpack Before on Vanilla Minecraft)

I'll Pack it up and make the Map Able for Download. Here

BlockPack Lite Thread: Here

And Thanks again to all Players!(Except for the Griefers)

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