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Not a single good server...

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Hallo & greeting Tekkiter's.

The last 2 week's I have looked through the White-List Tekkit server forum section, and I have applied for almost every single one X.X ... Well the point is that i am looking for a 'private' server with no lag thats up 24/7. The only ones that do offer a 24/7 support go down withing days because the owner bailes and nobody knows what the heck is going on.

If you read this, and you play/own or even know of a server that just a few people host 24/7 to play tekkit I would love to join them. Feel free to send me a message if you dont want to spread this with the world.

Here are my infos:

ING: Dialiss

Age: 16

Play Tekkit since: a good 2 Months

From: Germany

Well there is not much more to say other than I hosted a couple of server's myself for friends, so i know the commands and i know a little bit about the popular bukkit plugins too.If you require anymore knoledge about me please contact me ^^

Skype: williampriester

Steam: [DE]LastWords

Thank you for your time! - Dialiss

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