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Is there a way to make IC2 bronze axes/chainsaws instachop Tekkit trees?


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I routinely edit the Treecapitator config file in Technicpack SSP to add IC2 bronze axes and chainsaws to the list of tools that instantly fell trees, but it seems like Tekkit relies on the Forestry mod for its treeharm.

Is there a way to make an equivalent fix in Tekkit? I heart chainsaws.

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Thanks! I didn't know about the plugins folder.

If anyone else wants to make this fix, add the following lines to ChopTrees.properties (in the plugins\ChopTrees folder):

#Bronze Axe

mat = 30199


mat = 30233

Obviously, you can remove all the "id = " entries -- someone on the Tekkit team guessed wrong there. If you want to add Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire axes, those IDs are 1284, 1285 and 1286. (I run my server without RedPowerWorld/RedPowerMachines -- the giant rubberwood trees are way too common, and way too big, and they ruin both the IC2 rubber economy and the landscape -- so no gemstone axes for me!)

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You don't have to shut off all of RedPower World. You can just disable the rubber tree spawning.

In the RedPower directory, open up RedPower.cfg and scroll to the bottom. It shows if it generates the various gems, and copper, and all that other shit. Change "rubbertree=1" to "rubbertree=0" and you can get rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and tungsten, and not have to deal with those stupid bullshit trees.

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