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  1. Yes. BuildCraft is designed with conservation in tedious bullshit in mind, so the tedious bullshit that was removed because power pipes no longer explode had to be made up for elsewhere. In this case, all BC machines now have a constant power draw, even when not in use.
  2. No real story, it's just a sprite of Guncannon from Super Robot Wars 4, and I like Guncannon.
  3. We refused to show Covert Jaguar the birth certi...er, I mean, permissions list.
  4. The relevant mod is not in because, as far as I know, it has not yet been updated. There are, however, electrical engines, so you can use those instead.
  5. Using silver is still cheaper. I don't remember the numbers anymore, but I did the math, and using silver gets you more cable per EMC than using redstone. On top of that, the issue isn't using up your redstone, it's using up your diamonds.
  6. Note that using BC and/or RP pumps will not eliminate your problem, as the lava source blocks are still finite. However, you should be able to reach such a huge number of them with this setup that it won't really matter, as this setup should easily last until you wind up having to start a new world for an unrelated reason. And if it doesn't, you can just move all this crap and set up again.
  7. Most of the time, if a mod is dropped, it's because it's either no longer being updated, or wildly unstable. I know Millenaire was dropped due to instability, at least, but not the others. Before we got 4096 block IDs working, there was also the chance that a mod would be dropped because it was redundant with another mod and the space was needed for something different. I don't know if the changelog lists the why of a mod's removal, but it does list it, I think.
  8. Or whatever you remapped your sneak to plus V.
  9. Glass fiber cables can carry power for 20 blocks before losing any. Tin cables can go for 40 blocks. So those glass cables are losing all the power from your windmills. You'll have to either feed it into a HV transformer and send it via glass fiber, or use tin cables.
  10. I can't help you for 1 or 2, but I'm pretty sure your problem with 3 and 4 is that those are meant for use with RedPower, not BuildCraft. You use those by putting a transposer on top of them facing down, and each time the transposer activates, it crafts one item. You'll have to use the regular crafting table (possibly with satellite pipes) for now.
  11. I assume the issue is because the dev team focused on Technic instead for a while, and we're not seeing anything now because Minecraft 1.3 shook everything up, so all the mods have to be updated and assembled before work can begin on the next Tekkit. Which we may not even need anymore, due to the fact that Minecraft's code base no longer differentiates between single and multiplayer.
  12. You have to put the transposer on top of the crafting table facing downward, so it's pulling things from the top.
  13. Or it could be Mo' Atmosphere kicking in. Hit F7 to disable it.
  14. You've already made up your mind that the Technic team is composed of thieves and liars. I do not know how you expect to have any kind of discussion from here.
  15. You have to put down the landmarks, then the quarry. If you're doing that and it's still not working, then 50 x 50 is too big, and you'll have to dig it out in four 25 x 25 chunks. Or use a Computercraft mining turtle.
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