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Hi, My name is Jesse and i would like to request a plugin, now what would be in this plugin is just basically area protection however it wont interfere with tekkit items, for example if you have a PreciousStones area protection around a quarry, it will not be allowed to mine anymore, same with block breakers. I need an anti grief plugin for my server that DOES not block quarries and block breakers and other tekkit items. It should have a config to choose what tekkit items to block and what it will stop from being craftable and what can be used. (OP Overrides this). Tekkit is basically just like tekkit, except with many mods. Most area protection plugins just block that whole area from grief under your name, It dosen't let the quarry mine because it counts it as a griefer. I would be very happy if someone took the challenge of making this plugin, and everyone is welcome to join my Server. IP: fallenskygaming.pufferhost.net:25625. Thank you for reading and hope someone will make this:) Thanks.

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