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Essentials item worth

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Sadly unless you find someone kind enough to create a mod/plugin to do this the only way i can see it working is if you put in the finger time.

Just looking on my game now I can see that as long as I have NEI on I can hover over say a block of sand and see the MC item number and the EMC value, from there its

/setworth [itemname:id] <price>  


So lets again say a block of sand is the item ID of "12" and the EMC value of "1" you would use


/setworth sand 1


/setworth 12 1


for items with meta data (the item damage) say a black wool block, item number 35 with a meta data value of 15 and an EMC value of 48, you would do


/setworth 35:15 48

hope this helps! :D

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