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  1. Their forums, their rules, you earn respect by following them. :)
  2. Whatever works for you bud, options are always good but sometimes it's best to stick with what you know ^^
  3. You should be able to upload anything you like, but no the public folder is just yours, no one can upload to it but there is a way to setup linked folders for other users with DropBox installed xD me and a few others that run our server/website have a "work" folder were constantly passing files through, but for personal use just stick with the instructions I've said :D
  4. Interesting! I'll look into this thanks for the info ahh crap sorry for the double post :S
  5. The only thing a redstone engine will do is go from stage 1 to 2 and then the fastest 3 I believe the only time you will get problems with them is when you switch them on with nothing pipe wise attached, then you probably will get a little bang lol. I've setup loads of redstone engines all linked onto wooden transport pipes coming out of chests running for days on end, not a single problem.
  6. Yeah that would work, your not getting an crazy errors in the server console are you? you might want to make sure you haven't got any world corruption. but yeah save the world file re-upload the server files and Tekkit and give it a try, again though make sure you backup any configs you might want to keep and ofc anything and I mean anything you want to keep. Backing up is key when it comes to sorting problems out.
  7. Best thing to try first would be a clean install of Tekkit and maybe a server restart, be sure to delete the whole .techniclancher folder IF you don't have anything you want to save like "lastlogin" or any texture packs? pictures? just backup anything you want to keep. to get to the .techniclancher you can use the old method of typing in %appdata% to the search bar in the start menu of windows 7. Just a warning though, you must (and I mean must!) never ever /reload your plugins in-game if you need to reload always restart with a Tekkit server, reloading will break Tekkit.
  8. Try DropBox it's easy to setup, you get the program and a Public folder, all you do is stick the file in the public folder wait for the little blue icon (uploading) to turn a green tick (ready for download) then you right click the file, go down to the DropBox menu and select "copy public address" paste it to anyone you like! Only down side to dropbox is that on larger files the upload is crazy rubbish, but once it's there the download is quite good for others. I would comment on the Mediafire but I've never used it but I've got past the sending files through just doing what I did with DropBox Hope it helps :D
  9. lol, a helpers worst nightmare! >< Ok so you are running the server? can you see an error? maybe a reinstall of tekkit? check that you haven't done something crazy in the settings like upped the RAM a little to much? what was the last thing you did? was it just the /weather thing? cause that shouldn't effect your client like that :S
  10. Here is what we did, might not come out well in text but I will try Find yourself a pond/lake and setup a water pump with 4 redstone engines pumping away (preferable not to far away from your combustion engines) and leave a "world Anchor" close by the pump, the world anchor will keep the chunks around it loaded at all times. NOTE: be warned to many anchors and your server/game will start to lagg. Now you want a waterproof teleportation pipe coming out of the water pump set to the correct frequency you want to use. Then head back to the combustion engines setup the teleportation pipes to go into them (making sure this teleport pipe is set to Receive) and hay presto you have water cooling 24/7, or as long at the pond/lake lasts! lol hope this helps :D
  11. I've too had a few issues with Java in the past and the only way to make sure things to well for me is to install both the 64 bit and the 32 bit version of Java. First I would remove anything java related in my "uninstall programs" under the control panel in windows 7, then I would download both versions of java and sit them ready on the desktop. First start the install for the 32bit version and go through the steps as per normal "yes, yes, yes, Install google bar? wtf nooo!, yes , i agree, bla bla" when done with the 32bit version start the 64bit version but this time you need to change the directory not in anything but a created folder in the original location it says, just call it "64" that's it. once done you can use programs like MagicLancher and McPatcher and I think Tekkit (not sure though) and check the Java location that it will be using, if you see something like "C:/Program Files/java/jre7/64/" then your set you know that MC/tekkit is using the correct version of java you want! if you want to use the 32bit version just remove the "64" Hope this helps! if not sorry just thought I would share my success.
  12. Sadly unless you find someone kind enough to create a mod/plugin to do this the only way i can see it working is if you put in the finger time. Just looking on my game now I can see that as long as I have NEI on I can hover over say a block of sand and see the MC item number and the EMC value, from there its /setworth [itemname:id] <price> So lets again say a block of sand is the item ID of "12" and the EMC value of "1" you would use /setworth sand 1 or /setworth 12 1 for items with meta data (the item damage) say a black wool block, item number 35 with a meta data value of 15 and an EMC value of 48, you would do /setworth 35:15 48 hope this helps! :D
  13. If your the Admin of a server or maybe a Mod that has access to the right permissions then you could use the NotEnoughItems mod to change the weather and time of day Just hit your E button and in the top left corner you can see some buttons clicky clicky, or maybe you have Essentials installed? try /weather storm Let me know if it helps might know a few more tricks and ofc you are making sure your in the correct biomes for rain, snow ect ect?
  14. Bottom left chose "options" then goto the "cheat Mode" and click it till you get "Recipe Mode" Tip: When in cheat mode you can hover over items and hit R to see the recipe hope it helps Edit: Also you can just press O when your on the inventory screen to toggle NEI on and off