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  1. In-game name: gaiaalpha Age: 18 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: A few years now. Reason I want to join:To explore build and create innovative builds.
  2. In-game name: gaiaalpha Age: 18 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: Since version 1.7.3 Reason I want to join:Would like a server where I can work with others to do great things.
  3. Hello, I am 16 yrs old, and i am available to join whoever in a lets play series, my Skype username is rozefirestorm. and my email is [email protected], Tekkit survival or creative. my ign is gaiaalpha, and i have been working with Tekkit/Technic since it was for 1.8.1. I am a novice programmer and web-dev. i am very experienced with computercraft. Unfortunatly i am not very good in making good-looking structures, but i am very good at making practical and utilitarian structures.
  4. Not if you are using a program like MCedit, you just copy-paste. Edit: Would you please un-private the mediafire download so that people may download?
  5. i know a guy who knows a guy who could put it on a regular server, and i could put it on my hamachi server. if you would like.
  6. For some reason, whenever i update one of the modpacks, i have to manually go and copy the "resources" folder from .minecraft to .techniclauncher/*****. Is there any way you can fix this?
  7. FYI, To make a reinforced stone wall nuke-proof, just make it 4 thick...
  8. when i run the launcher to install the mods, it gives me this error message, any one know what i should do?
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