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ok so recently ive been playin on this server for about 3 days then today its started saying i need the mod tube stuff 49 but when i look on my installed mods it says i have it please help me i have quantum armor!!!

Some servers are running the tekkit 3.1.1 version and that uses tube stuff 49.1.1 and other servers are running the new tekkit 3.1.2 and that use tube stuff 49.1.2. Try to log back into the server and remember which tube stuff it requires and change your build for tekkit. 49.1.1 is tekkit 3.1.1 and 49.1.2 is tekkit 3.1.2

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ok i got a new server file set up with the same world and commands but for some reason, permissions, ops, towns, and anything not defaulted with the server has either been deleted or has become invalid even though most of the mods and plugins are up to date. can anybody help me?

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