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looking for: very specific server(s)

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I cant host my own yet, but I will someday. Until then I was hoping to find some friends to play tekkit with and a server that has: A build with weapon mod enabled, EE either disabled or usage reduced, preferably the Minecars plugin (or something like it ) and Iconomy (or something like it ). I just want to build a factory from scratch legitly (is that a word lol ) with some new friends !

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You can check mine out here:


We've only gone public for a week and have significant traffic. I'll actually be pushing the server and DNS to an upgraded server tonight or tomorrow. We meet all of your requests, as I'm gearing the server to the typical survival mode. Nothing's free ;)

Other than that, if you're just looking for a temporary home, browse the open server forum. There's lots to choose from.

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