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  1. New map is up with a new challenge. Decided to try out a Water-based map. Have some decent kits for the 1st half week to get people a jump-start.
  2. Anybody have a copy of this? I'm getting a 404 when I try to use the DropBox link =/
  3. You're more than welcome to come back. Just post something on our forums and we'll let you back in. The banned items list is actually found through a link you can click in-game on a sign before the quiz or by using /rules. We've come up with a way to avoid the banning, but waiting to see what happens to Tekkit before I start coding more changes ;)
  4. Shoot me some details in a PM. No need to derail this thread. Even if I'm not specifically able to help you, I have several friends from 3 years of server admining that may be able to assist.
  5. Yup, definetly understood dreadslicer. I personally don't use EE because it's impact on servers. I've found mods to EE that allow some additional customization, and have even modified EE myself, but all together, it's way too much of a pain in the ass for me to manage along with my server/work/child. Things have been much less hectic now that I'm not mucking in EE and EE related arguments all the time. Now I only have to hear "OMG U NO HAS EE? TIS SRVA SUX". They log out and that's all ;)
  6. Change your "Machine rate". I believe it's somewhere in line 2-4 of the EE config. I disagree with this point. There are a crapton of mods out there and as far as I know, none support permissions systems even MC itself does not support permission-based crafting/use. There are plugins for that (Noitem, disablecraft, and the newcomer - TekkitRestrict) Not to change the thread's topic, but what the mod should support is up for everyone's argument, but the common theme in most arguments aroud these forums consist of: Allow customizeable EMC Restrict/add to what can be condensed Ability to disable functions of items (ie: right click function of Philo Stone, gem armor abilities) Actually consume EMC appropriately for items instead of people getting their abilities for free when they shouldn't be Option to turn off the free functionality of certain items while in Alchemy Bags/Chests and actually have them consume EMC Ability to consume a % of EMC when "Exchanging" in condensers or tablets Equivalency doesn't work well on servers and the equivalents are definetly up for argument Customize durability of armor/damage of weapons On Topic: I'm looking forward to seeing how this plugin progresses. I definetly don't mind running a test server on my dedi and having some of my members move over to test things as they're developed.
  7. Also, are you getting the text notifications that you're supposed to for activity change? If you are, the error is in your setup. If you are not, more than likely MultiVerse is to blame.
  8. Seems interesting. Going to follow this one even though I have no intentions of ever brining EE back to my server ;)
  9. Not that I know of. Like I said, mine started magically working again. The only changes that may have had any impact is the use of CB-- and moving to the latest version of MultiVerse.
  10. Sounds very interesting. Can't access that link from work, but saving for when I return home.
  11. If your server is using Multi-Verse, there's a known issue that conflicts with the redstone behavior button. Mine finally started working, but not entirely sure why. I upgraded Multi-Verse and moved to the Spout CraftBukkit instead of the standard Tekkit.jar
  12. Delete your railcraft.dat file in your world folder.
  13. I'm pretty sure you can't actually create Nuke cannons right? I've attempted several times in the past, but nukes appear to be immoveable once they're set to explode (minus falling).
  14. If you've got all the answers go make one? I'm not understanding if you're trying to find a server or just raising a question. There's decent reasons why no one has created a free-for-all server. The reasons listed above are part of it. Again, I haven't personally searched for what you're looking for. Go to the server threads and search the term "Anarchy" there may be one you like. I know I intend on adding in an anarchy map or two, but overall my server will stay survival-based and the core functionality of my survival worlds take priority over configuring any thing else.
  15. I had worked about probably half of EE through a very complex valuation system to try to work things into a nice tech curve, but when 3.1.2 came out and EMC values were available to players and tracking some movement on Thaumcraft, I just decided to remove EE all together. If you look around on the EE wiki, there is an altered version of the mod that allows you to set EE values from a text file rather than editing the mod itself. Came in REALLY handy in the project I was working. Edit: I do find it amusing that an entire thread about balancing Tekkit is enveloped with EE discussion. I'll just send my members to this thread when they ask why EE is removed
  16. I'm hoping at some point with the whole way things are going in MC that the differnt mod loaders wiill merge paths and allow more comonality. There's a lot of great mods out there.
  17. Really? Last I read the modder hadn't fixed that 1 line of code that's causing the majority of the issues. Will have to actually bust the 3.1.2 mod open to verify I guess.
  18. The way I've thought of implementing this was using a separate world for all-out chaos and the player had better put their crap in their "locker" before they come back to the real world or the items diabled in the main world will just dissapear from their inventory.
  19. I believe zero's estimates are correct. You also have to take into account any physical server activity ie: updates, config changes, ftp, map downloads, remote desktop, whatever you do to manage your server.
  20. There was a "fix" here on the forums, but I'm not sure that the NEI author actually fixed the mod itself. I just remove NEI from the server. I don't really loose anything and it's not a bother to type commands to change time/weather.
  21. Also, do you have custom Java arguments in your launch.bat? I've seen several people attempt to tweak theirs and come back with a few minor syntax errors or just plain bad setups.
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