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  1. Real smooth man, nobody is just going to admin you for no reason mate
  2. Games ok, but I couldn't get into it
  3. Well Minecraft is constructed on Oracle Java, and I've just had better performance on it. I have to agree I found WinSCP way better than FileZilla
  4. Why did you revive this thread? Post your own report. As a solution clear your cache
  5. Did nobody notice the quadriple post?
  6. My local computer is VERY solid and wouldn't lagout with no amount of plugins :p
  7. What they hell is wrong with Ubuntu? I find it very functional
  8. McMyAdmin is a nice web management program. And seriously do some googling yourself I'm not going to give you all of the answers.
  9. Silent

    The turtle

    The easiest way to get programs from Notepad++ into the game is by enabling the HTTP API in the config, then using the pastebin command
  10. I wish haha, I would snap that up fast!
  11. Silent

    The turtle

    turtle.detect() returns a true if there is something there, false if not, so in this case: if there is something in front of me dig it end if move forward
  12. Oh no the latest version is way too bloated regarding ores and mobs.
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