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Fix for Buildcraft pumps


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Hi, im requesting a mod fix for tekkit buildcraft water pumps. I use them to cool my engines. I place them in the 3x3x1 water pools for an infinite source, but every once in a while, the pool drains and i get engines exploding unless i keep a constant watch. Is there any way i can mod the buildcraft to get pumps to either:

a. Drain water slower

b. pretend to drain water, and just create water instead (like ThermalExpansion mod)

Should note, I'm pretty decent with coding, but i don't know exactly where i should look or how i should go about starting.

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You have to realize that the regeneration of water blocks is not instantaneous. First, the block is removed, then the flow is recalculated for other nearby blocks, then a temporary flowing block is placed in the empty spot, then the temporary flowing block detects the right conditions and turns itself into a source block. This all happens over a series of ticks, during which the pump is still pumping, so depending on the order in which things happen, sometimes it will work fine and sometimes it won't. A bigger pool makes it less likely the entire thing can be accidentally pumped out, and slower pumping gives each block more of a chance to regenerate.

Try setting up your pump with 2-3 redstone engines. That should be slow enough. Pumps need dick-all for power.

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