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Disabling all the "AFK here for items" options.

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I have a question for you guys.

To make a long story short, and add pointless background info

Ive ran a bukkit(and previously hmod) server for about 3 years now, After the decline of new people we decided to move to tekkit, so the loyal userbase I have can have something new to play with.

So far they are loving it, it gives so many new goals and things to do beyond the "food, shelter, tools" of vanilla.

Over the last week or 2, Ive had to disabled a few things such as EE, quarries, scrapboxes, Nukes, and a small handful of other items. And having a few players complaining about "why you turning everything off? you ruining it!"

I'm not trying to 'ruin the fun", I'm trying to "leave some of the effort in" so to speak. EE is overpowered to say the least, in a week you have anything and everything you want. same with the huge cobblegen to scrap to scrapboxes to dispenser, automated thing.

I can only see EE as being 'creative mode without the guilt of creative mode'.

Trying to make it so there is still TONS of new things to play with, but the effort vs reward vs time is still there, so the pride of going "It took me 2 months to gather the items to build this reactor with railcraft power distribution network to power my entire city!" is still there.No real pride in what you build, or feeling satisfied if all you did was plop down a world anchor, quarry, and EE machines, come back in 2 days and have all the mats to do it.

MY question is this, is this common? Are these things seen as generally overpowered, and is it normal for players to throw this much a fit when you disable them? or am I trying to be too "I still want the effort of collecting and work involved doing so in".

I know in the end its my server, and ultimately up to me if I disable everything but wooden tools if I REALLY wanted to..But cant help feeling a twing of guilt by turning them off when some players seem to think its a core requirement of a tekkit server.

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Yes, it's common; yes, EE and other things that share similar characteristics are often considered overpowered; yes, the players throw a fit when you disable them - some of them are nicer and just beg nonstop unless/until you put them back. So no, don't feel like you have to have anything enabled on your server that you don't want enabled on your server. I'd probably turn mass fabs and mining lasers off too, except then your players will never know the joys of quantum armor and drilling 25 blocks deep through solid rock... :)

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