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Server Connection Issues

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My problem is basically this; I can connect to a server I host, but my friend cannot. This is a problem that only shows up with Tekkit, as any other type of server I host has no issue with this.

* Server V#: 3.1.2 - My and My Friend's Client: 3.1.2

* VPN: Remobo - Proven to work with other Minecraft servers besides Tekkit, even MCPC Bukkit

* Port: 25555

I shall report other details upon request, but those seem to be the most relevant. I'd show logs, but this is an issue that doesn't show in logs, at least not logs I have.

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Tekkit is MCPC Bukkit. So if you are saying its "proven" to work with that then you should have no issue. If it's not working then it must be something with the way you guys are configuring it.

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