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DokuCraft texture pack for Tekkit! - [20%]


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Texture pack progress: [D][D][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] - 20%

My most favorite texture pack of all time is the incredible Doku Craft, what sucks about Doku Craft is that no one has created a Doku texture pack compatible with the Tekkit custom items etc.

I've decided to step up and give this a try, I am using the current Doku texture to manipulate and created the new textures for the Tekkit custom stuff! I've been doing it for around 25 minutes now and have 3 mod pack texture done!

The pack will be released when all textures are down, so favourite this thread and check back in an hour or two!

Of course I am not taking create for creating DokuCraft that would be silly, I'm giving full credit for creation of the pack to the original creator.

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