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Server Properties File Missing?

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Hello everyone,

Recently I downloaded the recommended build for the Tekkit server from the home page download link. I opened the rar file and set everything up in a special Tekkit server folder to find out there was no Server properties file.. I've tried shutting down and starting up java... I have also come to notice that when I start the Launch batch file it says;

" Java is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file "

Im new to Tekkit and am wanting to move over from Bukkit. Just need a little help is all.

Thank You.

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Once you run the launch.bat, it will generate the server.properties file, then you can just shut down the server and configure it. If you want a different world name, just change both the directory name for "world" and the name inside the properties file. As to the "Java is not recognized" error, either add the full java.exe path to the batch file, or add Java to your system path variable. Google how to do either.

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