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  1. They won't let you upload straight to the forums you have to use another site or something like dropbox.
  2. You could always upload it and I could convert it for you. You will have to manually replace all pipes since we haven't found a way to get those to auto convert yet.
  3. How do you add your save game? Just select the world folder, don't go in and specifically pick files. Also check the version of java that your are running and if there is an update.
  4. Here are a couple links for the modified IC2 zip that I created. I make no guarantees this will work for everyone, but seems to work for me. Zippyshare YourFileLink FileDropper To be honest though, I would highly recommend switching over to Tekkit Lite because that will most likely be updated more often, and has most of the same mods as Tekkit Classic. It is also a newer minecraft version that will most like run better and with fewer bugs.
  5. If anyone is still leery of downloading the fix from Tekkitopotamus I think I have found another way to fix the advanced machines issue. To fix the IC2 Tekkit 3.1.3 crashing, do the following: 1. Stop your Tekkit 3.1.3 server (if not already stopped...or crashed ) 2. Go to your Tekkit server mods folder 2. Find the file called: "industrialcraft2-1.103-mcpc1.2.5r2.zip" 3. Open the zip file and go into the ic2/api directory (no need to decompress it - just edit directly) 4. Delete ElectricItem.class, EnergyNet.class, and NetworkHelper.class 5. Open the zip file: "industrialcraft2-1.97-mcpc1.2.5-r7.zip" from Tekkit 3.1.2 6. Copy over ElectricItem.class, EnergyNet.class, and NetworkHelper.class from the earlier version of IC2 to the new version of IC2 7. Restart server and enjoy game Thanks to Tekkitopotamus for figuring out which files needed to be replaced. I have tested this on my server and everything seems to be working fine.
  6. I can vouch that BuildCraft seems to be working fine. There is a slight issue though, in that the rock crusher actually needs no power going to it for it to actually work. Wooden conductive pipes do work though, I tested them by using this setup: HV Solar Array -> MFSU -> Energy Link -> Quarry. The energy link and quarry were connect by wooden and gold conductive pipes.
  7. Also, if it would help anyone, I have already replaced the RailCraft API with those from Buildcraft and re-compressed into a zip. I will upload if anyone wants it.
  8. Since no one has posted about Tekkitopotamus' fix for IC2 I guess I will. I can vouch that it is working. I have tested with Rotary Macerator, Singularity Compressor, and Centrifuge without any issues.
  9. I am going to assume that neither one of you has used windows 8 for a long period of time. I have been using it for several months and have not had any issues with it. Also, my main computer is Windows 8 and I have yet to run into this issue. Check the version of windows you are running, if it is a laptop make sure that you are not using the RT version of windows 8.
  10. If you change the settings for java then when you launch the bat I will create the settings file. The error you are seeing is that windows doesn't know where java is so you have to do what Torezu said.
  11. That will depend on your firewall you are using. Windows firewall can be accessed through the control and all you need to do is add a rule allowing traffic through that port. If you are using AVG or another antivirus with a firewall you will probably need to look that up, though I might be able to help. Also have you tried just running it on your desktop and not inside Hamachi?
  12. The other thing you could look at is whether or not your firewall is blocking the connection.
  13. The method you are using to port forward looks correct, but you would want to forward that to the IP address of the Hamachi server, not your personal computer. That is assuming of course that the hamachi server shows up in the devices connected to your router (I am not too familiar with hamachi). To check the port forwarding remember to have the server running as well, other wise it will say the port isn't forwarded correctly, when in truth it is. So ya, looks like the port forwarding should be set up correctly, just make sure to use the internal IP of whatever device you have it running on (Hamachi in your case), and make sure the Tekkit server is running when you test the port forward. Finally if it doesn't work on hamachi try just running it on your computer normally and see if that works, you might need to do another port forward on your personal computer to the hamachi server you are running.
  14. Just a quick heads up. If you start the server from the root folder, that is where it will put the world info. For some reason on linux it places the world info in whatever folder you are currently when you start the server.
  15. If you give me the IP, I can run an outside port check. Also make sure that you are setting the forward up correctly you need to input the external port (minecraft is usually 25565) and then the internal IP address it is being forwarded to. If you upload an image of your settings I might be able to help you figure out what is going on.
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