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I'm sure i'm not the first person to notice that when using Tekkit, the towny, logblock and world guard plugins do not register any player placing a block on the floor. Obviously this causes many issues in that you cannot stop players from placing blocks in world guarded areas even though build is set to false (the same with towny), also with logblock no records are kept of anyone placing blocks so you don't know who has been screwing about with your house etc...

I don't know if this can be fixed by the technic team (i would think you could easily do it or atleast know why the plugins don't work properly) but if you could, my question is will you?

Also, industrial craft dynamite/mining lasers/industrial tnt/nukes also override world guard and towny explosion flags/permissions but that is probably something i should take up with the guy that makes indsutrial craft. thanks for your time

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