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[3.1.2] MineUK [24/7] [No Lag] [Great Community] [Great Staff]

Michael Banks

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MineUK is a Tekkit server, delicious!

The server is quite new, we are hoping to get a lot of new players onto the server and get the ball rolling.

The main gameplay is based around trade and co-operation between players. We like to encourage people to focus more on co-operative gameplay, but why do that when you can live off the backs of others!

We like to keep our server as re-playable as possible, hopefully meaning there is always something to do.

Because of the extensive features of Tekkit, the amount of time you spend getting to what would be considered the 'End-game' is greatly increased! [Note: EE is disabled]

We hope to run server events alongside the main game in order to keep things fresh, and so you never get bored! We are always looking for new ideas, please do not hesitate to contact staff with new ideas.

See you on the server!

Please note that we are still tweaking and fixing things, this means the server is not currently in a state we would like it to be. There will most likely be a map reset soon due to the phase in of 1.3.1. Check our forums www.mineuk.com for more information.


Server info

Server IP: tk.mineuk.com:25579 (Make sure you select "Use latest development build" in TECHNIC LAUNCHER'S options)

Dynmap: http://tkmap.mineuk.com:8080/

Website: www.mineuk.com

Player Slots: 48 Slots

Server Location: Paris/France


Technic Launcher (Make sure you load the Tekkit modpack and not Technic!)








The key to a good server is good players, and the key to good players is following rules and/or playing within server guidelines. A sense of humor and a personality counts too but we won't go into that.

The server staff and myself would greatly appreciate it if you could read through the next section and understand it, if you plan on joining the server.

This is a borderline hardcore server, and by borderline I mean if the staff were a poorly constructed fence on the edge of a cliff and you players were a bunch of asshats pissing about near the top of the cliff, we are the only thing keeping you from falling off. It is within the rules to be as harsh as you like to other players, just don't make their game experience a bad one. Otherwise PvP can only be done in the wilderness or in defense, if you are attacked.

Which brings me onto my second point, DON'T WHINE. About anything, seriously.

Your base was destroyed and looted? Bad luck, try not to make enemies with people next time.

Carrying all your end game items and got killed by a creeper? Deal with it, you should have had the sense to leave the items behind.

Common sense, use it.

No exploiting, no cheating, etc.

We have plugins to counter-attack X-Ray and other packet modifying cheats, and just to make sure nobody can exploit our plugins or find loopholes, we have disallowed the /plugins [/pl] command on our server.

Don't do it, it's not worth it. Play fair. If you say the word robots to any admin you will automatically get promoted to trusted

Superseding all guidelines is the GOLDEN RULE. Don't be a dick. Nobody likes dicks. Except people who do, but that's probably a different kind of dick.

If you can't play by the rules or you are borderline breaking them already, then just leave. The staff cannot be bothered to deal with you or even reason with you so you will be banned/kicked without explanation if we see fit.

Too long; didn't read

1. PvP is allowed, but not on other people's property

2. No whining about things like minor grief or being killed

3. No exploiting, no cheating, (This includes X-Ray etc)

4. Don't be a dick

5. Respect the staff, and they will respect you in return

6. Don't request items to be spawned

7. Have fun!

8. EE and Factions are disabled. DO NOT REQUEST FOR THEM TO BE ADDED AGAIN.


If you read all that, I appreciate it. If you follow it, I will be even happier.

Following those guidelines is the ONLY way to get promoted to higher ranks on the server.

If it seems like we are a bit harsh on players, we have to be. But, we assure you that if you follow the rules/guide, respect your fellow players, be chivalrous, you will be trusted and respected in return.




Server players are split into nine groups.


Recruit is the rank you start off as. You can't really do anything at all, except exit spawn and become a guest.


Guests are the base players on the server. When you exit spawn you will be put into this group (Unless we have added you in beforehand) You can use /tpa which allows you to /tp to players.


Trusted players are players that have shown they are competent players and follow the rules.

Be aware this is NOT a hard rank to earn, just play by the rules and play regularly and you will gain this rank.


VIPs are important to us, and hopefully important to you. These players have been here a while and know everything to do with the server. If you ask for help, you will usually be assisted by one of these players. These players are NOT staff.


The lowest ranking staff member, they should be treated with respect like any other player. They are here to keep an eye on the server for other staff and assist players.


They are the moderators. You should always listen to them and assist them in any way possible.


Admins have the second most powers of all normal ranks (excluding owner). They are trusted to do lots of work on the server that makes playing experience better for everyone.


Miggles [skype: migglecraft] is the only Head-Pastor. It's the same as admin, just special. :3


ChipUK. [skype: michaelcooldude] He writes a bunch of scripts and addons for the server that improve playing experience. Also has all the power of an owner.


Dominhiho. [skype: glen_beckenham] As an Owner he has the same power as an admin plus extra permissions to fix/upgrade the server.

If any suggestions need to be made, please tell me. I listen and consider every one of them!

Please take note that staff CANNOT spawn items! I have taken every precaution possible to make sure the staff do not cheat as they do still play on the server as players. The only person that can spawn items is me, and I hate cheating as much as the next guy.



If you would like to get hold of me or one of the staff, the best way would be to either contact me on Skype (Michaelcooldude) or shoot me a message on the server (ChipUK). I am on both of them pretty much all the time. Don't hesitate to talk to me about suggestions or feedback!


Skype name on the left, MC name in the middle, IRL name on the right

glen_beckenham - Dominhiho - Glen

michaelcooldude - ChipUK - Michael

migglecraft - Miggles - Noah

scarecrow5435 - Gaz556 - Aaron

jbaker1233 - sanchez_r - Joss

xlightershadowx - gazzyman - Gary

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