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/give command permissions

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I just set up a private tekkit server and I want to let players spawn certain items like wooden tools, torches, food, etc. Is there a plugin I can use to allow the /give command for some whitelisted items for non-ops? maybe this would be better asked on the bukkit forums, but I don't want to try one and find out that it's incompatible.

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Look at "kits" that I think is part of commandbook, and are definitly a part of essentials, which I replaced commandbook with at the suggestion of other server admins. I am super happy with it btw, essentials signs is great!.

So kit let you enable a set of items that the players can use a command to obtain. The essentials kits can be linked to a sign, so players have to go to a certain location to get. for instance, I put a porkchop in my stater kit that I wouldn't want players to be able to get from anywhere and save themselves from starving with a command.

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