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[1.0.7][Arcadia Network] Banned Items reduced daily! ¦ 24/7 Uptime ¦ Voting ¦ Spawn ¦ Factions ¦ Staff ¦ All Welcome!


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Hello and thankyou for reading this. My name is DJOveryde, I am the owner of the Arcadia Network.

We strive to give the best player experience that we can. Staff are on hand to help in any way they can! The network has been running for well over a year now, we started as a single server with Voltz 2.0.4 and has since branched off into new custom modpacks like Hexx: Reloaded. 

We have come back to running official modpacks now. And have now created the Tekkit Legends Server running on the Factions Plugin!

Please bear with us if any downtime does arise. As the modpack is new there is the possibility of issues/bugs/crashes. We appologise in advance should any of these occur!


So once again thankyou for reading this message. If you want to come try us out then pop the following in your Multiplayer window of TL.

For those of you who want the experience of speaking to players via voice then head on to our Teamspeak server!



I hope to see you in game!


DJOveryde (owner of http://www.arcadianetwork.co.uk)

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