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Tekkit City War Challenge

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This challenge was drawn heavily from the City Construction Challenge and the Modern City Challenge. The main difference is that in this challenge, you are separated into teams that each build cities and war with each other. Note that there is a long list of banned items, because of both the limitations surrounding the creation of a challenge of this type with certain items in use and my personal distaste/lack of knowledge of these items. The banned list is:

- ALL of EE. I know that some people might disagree with this, but I do not like it and I do not know how to make a good challenge with it.

- Quantum Armor. Invincibility makes war pretty damn hard, and nukes ruin the landscape and turn the world into a desolate slab of bedrock. So no quantum.

- Nukes, for the reason mentioned above.

- No infinite item loops. I know that these are hard without EE, but I’m sure there are some out there. Don’t do it. Don’t use duplication glitches either.

These are all guidelines. If you REALLY want to use EE, don’t let me stop you. But don’t be surprised if it kinda messes with the progression. And here are the rules/guidelines for what to DO:

- The starting buildings should be at least 1000 blocks away from each other.

- Mineshafts should be at least 3x3, with support pillars every 5 blocks. This applies whenever you are underneath more than 3 blocks thick of naturally generated material.

- Stuff you find from NPC houses, dungeons, mineshafts, or strongholds can be used regardless of what stage you are on. However, it cannot be crafted into anything else unless you would be able to craft that at your current stage (i.e. if you cannot craft iron tools, you cannot do so with an iron ingot found in a villager’s chest). This applies to nether portals as well.

- You can only trade with NPC’s for things that you could legitimately acquire at your current tech level.

- You may possess any block, but cannot place blocks that you could not acquire at your current tech level.

- Build in a logical pattern. Keep distinct areas separated. For example, do not put a coal-burning factory or nuclear power plant next to residential areas.

- Teams are at war from the beginning. Any player may attack the opposing team at any time.

- Use at least easy difficulty.

Each team goes up in tech levels on its own- one city could be on tier 1, while another could be on tier 2.

So without further ado, let’s move on to the challenge.

Tier 1


- Use only wooden tools.

- Do not use any stone or metal.

Requirements to Advance

- Build a home for each player, with a bed, chest, and crafting table. There must be a front door, living area, bedroom, and crafting area, each with its own room.

- Build a town center with a central treasury, meeting room, and offices.

- Build a barracks with weapon storage, training room, and massing area.

- Build a wheat farm with at least five plots per player.

Tier 2


- Use only wooden or stone tools.

- Do not use any metals.

Requirements to Advance

- Encircle your city in a wall. Make this wall out of at least cobblestone, at least five blocks high, and at least three thick. Build a staircase running between the barracks and the walls.

- Build a main entrance to the city. Put a tower above it, allowing archers to attack from it.

- Build a dedicated factory with a crafting area, and divided storage.

- Build an infinite water source.

- Dig a mineshaft, at least 3x3 wide.

Tier 3


- Use only up through iron tools.

- Use no diamonds, obsidian, or glowstone.

- Use a maximum of LV machines.

- Do not use any form of automated mining, except for an automated cobblestone generator if you wish.

Requirements to Advance

- Build a defensive TNT cannon on your city’s walls. Make sure it faces the most likely route of attack.

- Build a sorting system for your factory.

- Connect your factory to the town treasury so that items can be sent across.

- Upgrade your town center to have its own wall, five high and two thick at least.

- Construct a rail system for easy movement across the city.

- Construct an outpost, connected by rail, between your city and an enemy’s. Build a temporary home, protected storage area, and small walls.

- Build an electrical plant with at least 2 generators, a batbox, macerator, and extractor.

Tier 4


- Do not use nano armor or the nano sabre.

- Use a maximum of MV machines.

- Do not use nuclear power or HV solar arrays.

Requirements to Advance

- Build a community structure of some sort, geared towards entertainment- a bathouse, movie theatre, art gallery, or something of the sort.

- Build a bunker that connects to the town hall and barracks, made of obsidian or stronger. Put some storage space down there, and a way to close it off in case of attack.

- Build a hotel or other mass housing project with at least 20 rooms.

- Upgrade your outpost with a tnt cannon or remote-activated tnt mines.

- Seed the area around your base with landmines.

Tier 5


- None

Requirements to Advance

- Build a single superstructure in the main city.

- Build a self-repairing wall around the city hall. Use whatever you like to repair it.

- Build at least three concealed outposts. They must be indistinguishable from normal landscape on the outside.

- Build a flying machine with tnt bombing or tank with tnt cannon using frames.

- Build a grand TNT cannon aimed at the opposing city, from your city.

- Connect a teleporter from your main city’s bunker to a safehouse at least 200 blocks away.

- Build a self-destruct system for your city so that the enemy cannot use it if taken.

- Build an automatic defense system for your city.

- Build a nuclear power plant underneath your city, providing power to the whole city.

Tier 6


- None

Requirements to Advance

- Destroy the enemy!

So whatcha think?

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