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Weird Lag On New Computer.


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So hi, first time poster here.

So, me and my bro have a server for a while now, i can play it just fine,

but my brother couldent play it good at all on his old Laptop, his fps was on like 4.

But now he bought a new computer, and after setting it up we tried playing, (its a really good computer, don know exact specs, but trust me, really good!)

At first everything was really good, he was at 120 fps, with Far render, Fancy settings and stuff, but he still changed some options for better performance, and went on playing he was now on like 200~ fps

But suddenly he got MASSIVE lag spikes, and went down on 2 fps, and just spiked the he** out.

He restarted, and same thing again, 200~ fps for a minute then HUGE lag spike,

hope someone can help somehow! ty in advance

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