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internet lag on multiplayer servers

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Okay, so, I've been playing tekkit, one day I wakeup and i went to play it, I logged onto my friends server, and noticed some lag, I checked my ping and it was higher then it normally was, so I restarted my internet, logged back in, I still had lag, I decided to close tekkit then the lag disappeared I opened up tekkit once more checked my ping on the menu, it was fine it seems as though I lag every time I play tekkit multiplayer, anyone know how to fix this?

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Well i haven't tested other servers, but no i'm not downloading and yes my brother is using my internet aswell and my dad, I think i've found the lag source, its weird though, my friend made some sort of repeater that turns lights on and off, it lags my internet whenever Im in the house but when i move away my ping goes down, seems to be fine now that i know whats happening.

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