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  1. IGN: wixo Why would you be a good addition to the server: To be honest it's been quite a while since I last played Minecraft. I used to play a lot with mods back in the days (think IC1 and early IC2 stuff) and a whitelisted server with a stable, mature community seems like a good place to catch up with all the new ones. My builds are mostly aesthetics first, funcionality second. Age: 18
  2. Nickname: wixo Age: 17 What are you going to build?: Well, a spacestation I suppose... Although, maybe space docks with lots of different ships would be fun. I guess I'll just build by instinct and something (perhaps even aestheticaly pleasing) will come out of it :D
  3. In game name: wixo Age: 17 Time playing Tekkit-lite: First time really... Played (and moderated) on Tekkit classic servers for a long time though, plus there is some experience from FTB which overlaps with Tekkit lite pretty well Have you been banned: Nope Why would you like to play on this server: Looking for a server based around community interactions, will bring some friends if this meets my expectations
  4. In Game Name: Wixo Do you have skype: Yes I can provide it either in game or PM you Age: 16 Country/Timezone: GMT +1 What do you like most about Tekkit: Normal minecraft gets pretty boring after a while, in Tekkit it is actually challenging to get to some end game stuff Have you been in any other servers? If so, why did you leave: I've tried many servers. If I ever leave the server it's because either community is unpleasant or server shuts down. What are you good at: IC2 or BC What kind of builds do you make: Vaults, self sustaining bases, Survival shelters How long have you been play
  5. Hmm, after reading the rules and completing the necessary task, I found myself outside the keep but with no permissions to build, damage mobs or even die. Did I mess something up? If so, I'd like to know what I did wrong.
  6. In Game Name (IGN): Wixo Age: 16 Your timezone: GMT +1 How long you have played Tekkit: I used this modpack (Technic) before Tekkit ever existed. So, you could say I know my way around these mods Provide your whitelist link (and reason for bans if applicable): http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/4fc80a70ef2ad64bd83060bae52516a224177c2a Why would you like to play on this server (make an effort guys, a couple of sentences at least!): I had absolutely no luck finding a nice and mature community on tekkit servers... Caring nonabusive admins, couple of guys I could stick with, community divid
  7. Hey... Not sure how the forum applications works so my IGN: Wixo Just in case, hope to see you online soon.
  8. I would use just one. It takes 72 EU/t and makes it run at full speed
  9. No we can't... Use the search function to find out why.
  10. Is it a joke or something? Are people supposed to fall for that? Or is it just OP proudly presenting his Keller status?
  11. It's not a bug, the basic wrench has a chance of breaking the machine rather than picking it up. If you want to prevent that use electrical wrench and its lossless mode (hold "M" + right click)
  12. Man... After reading this thread, I guess commeon sense is not so common.
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