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Need Help With Mods

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I was wondering if there was any way that i could install into my tekkit server without the poeple joining my server having to download them aswell. i basically satrted a server for me an quite alot of friends and we all want forestry and logistics pipes in our tekkit server as neither seem to be in tekkit 3.1.2. so is there any way? any help would be very appreciated :D

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thanks, but how would i do that because on all the other forums which tell people how to install mods onto there tekkit server they also say that your clients will have to download it aswell to be able join?

I don't think I understand what you just said.

Just tell your players to download them


On other forums, they tell you to INSTALL THEM MANUALLY.

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What Techpriest said. You need:

1) A bukkit port (This is a .zip made specifically for the server. This is what "enables" the mod for online use.)

2) The SP files. (This is the .zip you would install to play the mod in single player EVERY SINGLE PLAYER NEEDS TO HAVE THESE FILES OR YOU RUN THE RISK OF CORRUPTED DATA, NULL POINTER EXCEPTIONS, ETC)

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