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[Help] Updating Map from 2.1 to 3.1


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Hello everyone,

I've recently got the itch to play some more Tekkit and decided to update the server I was running before.

For starters here is what I have done:

- Downloaded the latest server files and did the first time run to obtain all the files

- Copied my previous 2.1 Tekkit world(The 3 world folders) into the new 3.1 server

- The command prompt converted the world

I logged in to check if everything is running smoothly but I notice some blocks are changed, namely Transmutation Tablets and Energy Condensers. I proceed to clicking on them to find out if they still function. Nope, game froze. Hm. Maybe if I break the block I can just replace it. Nope, still crashed. And here I am. lol

I looked around and found the FAQ . #10 says to check the download page and click the Server tab for update instructions. Unfortunately there are no instructions for updating from 2.1.

Just wondering if anyone knows how/if I can fix my world. Or if I'm forced to start a new world. =/

Thank you.

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