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  1. You might be surprised. A member from another forum I read put together his own collection of Oblivion mods, and the modding community there flipped out over permissions and demanded he stop until he'd cleared permissions for every single item in his pack. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.
  2. Imagine that you have a tile entity update that switches the redstone state of a block from on to off, but at the same time you have a block change event on a neighbouring block because, say, somebody placed a redstone lamp. It could read the state of the block, see it as on, and turn on the lamp, and then do the tile entity update and turn the block off, causing the block to have been seen in both the on and off state within the same tick. The lamp is now on when it should be off. Even if it gets corrected on the next tick or by forcing another block update, it's a transient error that could have cascading effects. The effects may be small and rare, but they eventually lead to those "Dammit, I don't understand why my redstone computer suddenly stops working..." complaints. Threading is more than just making sure you've put locks around everything to avoid CMEs; you need to make sure that you maintain consistent behaviour on the whole data model, not just individual fields or objects, and although it's certainly not impossible, it's often much harder than you first expect.
  3. You didn't put load balancing numbers in the mirrors.yml file, so it looks like it's returning null when it tries to get the value and blowing up on that.
  4. What's been missing is the MCPC build of CraftBukkit that has Forge included. The regular CraftBukkit release isn't usable for server-side mods that need Forge.
  5. The work the MCPC guys do is not some trivial little thing you could knock out in a couple hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon. They didn't deliver a 1.3-based build because the amount of work required was huge even for them, the ones already experienced in working with that code, so now they're trying a completely new approach to how bukkit and mods work together. Until that work is done, nothing can progress, and it would be pointless to have the Technic Pack devs wasting their time 'racing' them to write the same code.
  6. There's another complication in that the MCPC guys are completely reworking how mods and Bukkit work, making Bukkit a Forge mod under the vanilla server instead. The advantage is that (I think) mods will no longer have to go through another port-to-Bukkit stage, but who knows how long it'll take them to get it all working.
  7. The easiest way to get around it is to get a 1.1 minecraft jar from somewhere (e.g., MCNostalgia), and toss it in the launcher cache directory as "minecraft_1.1.jar". Then it'll just use that instead of trying to download and patch, which is the failing part. I have a change against the launcher to let it do multi-stage diffs where possible (e.g., go from 1.3.2 -> 1.2.5 -> 1.1), but it's still a bit rough.
  8. That's generally up to the Bukkit porters to take care of. Talk to them over here.
  9. Since bukkit-ported versions are needed, you could just keep an eye on this page: http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=Ports_for_1.3.2
  10. It can spread to a single other spot, but you'll obviously have better luck the more you try to spread it to. You still need another plant two spots away and crossed sticks in between. And both plants need to be grown to a certain point (close to fully grown) before anything but weeds will appear in the crossing spot.
  11. Worked fine out of the box on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) for me. Transferring files individually has been known to mess up the config files, depending on the transfer program and settings, so try unzipping it on the Linux box itself if you can.
  12. It might just be putting you in a different spot in the world, as the way the server stores the spawn point isn't the same as the way it does in single player.
  13. It should work for vanilla maps (it's only a problem for things like TechnicSSP maps because of different mods and IDs), just take the save directory, move it under your Tekkit server install, and rename it 'world' (or whatever level name is specified in server.properties if you changed it).
  14. I don't think there's a way to tell, but whenever I see one growing as a crossbreed, I just put both a gold and iron block under it, as it'll look up to three blocks down for the right type. And unfortunately cropmatrons just don't get along with piping, as there's no way to ensure the right items go in the right column unless you do something ridiculously complex like a multi-stage process to suck out any items currently in it, fill it with three stacks of fertilizer, three hydration cells, and three WeedX in that specific order.
  15. I think the crops you can possibly crossbreed are also related to the stats of the parent crops (the code for this is kind of convoluted), so you need to be selectively breeding them to improve the stats as well, or they'll be stuck with crummy stats and won't crossbreed anything new.
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