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Making a Quarry


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Hey guys, so it's been a few months since I've been on Tekkit properly and I updated etc. and it's all working well, I have my refinery set up etc. but when I go to make a quarry, I hook up the Quarry machine block to some Combustion engines, In turn the Combustion engines are hooked up to some water pipes and fuel pipes and levers. Everything is working accordingly but the actual Quarry seems to be at a stand still, I can't see any of the orange pipes which spread around the area and no drill is present, any ideas? Below is a screenshot of my set up. It's really puzzling me and I'm not too sure what to do or what has gone wrong.


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I can't see any fuel pipes, perhaps you are using the same pipes for water and fuel? If so you can't.

I took the fuel pipes out but all of the Combustion engines are full to the brim with both water and fuel?

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