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  1. Good idea, achievements would be a good way to start, note there's several achievement boards, including the normal minecraft, IC2, and redpower. For other mods, I guess you just need to figure it out. Besides that, I really don't know why it's "achievement get", do you have a better way to express it?
  2. You may have the incorrect bit version of java, uninstall the old one and install the correct bit (32/64) If that doesn't work, try open the .jar version of launcher in the launcher folder.
  3. Though this oil looks big, but actually it's just a small amount of oil, it's floating in the air so it looks big. I would say about 4-6 blocks tall. So don't mess with it, it's not worth doing. Oil appears in any dimensions, including Mystcraft ages.
  4. Finally, some industrial weapons. It's about time to throw my musket away. Probably gift it to a skeleton.
  5. I don't think you need a tech tree to play tekkit, sure, it has a lot of mods, but after all, it's still minecraft, imagination and creativity is the key. The best thing to do would be watch tekkit tutorial videos, direwolf20's video is recommended. Then, you can check each mods' individual wikis, as it tells you what to do, some of them has a getting started guide. Direwolf20's channel http://www.youtube.com/user/direwolf20 Must read wiki: Industrial Craft http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/ BuildCraft http://minecraftbuildcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Minecraft_Buildcraft_Wiki Equivlent exch
  6. In the new rec build, technic pack used forge, which doesn't have a mod select config. It can't be fixed until the author of forge decides to add one.
  7. Right, that's a good thing to know. Don't need much energy to run redpower machines unless it's working constantly. But what about frame motors/pumps/sorting machines?
  8. Could I just ask what is the block? I am not very familiar with the texture pack.
  9. Wow...That's really good work done. Looking forward to it.
  10. Really nice looking texture pack, especially the GUI. Would love to try it out. P.S. Can you upload a picture of a normal open landscape please?
  11. It's originally Viking hacker in the artwork, but later it's used in both ways.
  12. Well, because oil spawns doesn't depend on the world seed, finding oil on SP is completely depend on luck. I tend to find a lot of oil in desert biomes, though. Some oil pit can also be found in oceans.
  13. DanielJin


    Please, read the EE2 wiki, I really can't tell you the whole lot of stuff, also experiment in game, see what does items do.
  14. Pretty sure it was removed because it was out of date/buggy, crafting table 3 was out, too.
  15. The ingot recipe was part of forestry, since it has been removed, the alternative recipe is also gone. Just sitck with the IC bronze recipe, since that is really how you make bronze.
  16. It could be noises made by Atmos mod, you can turn it off by pressing F7, or it could be from normal minecraft, super-natrual sounds can be made when there is a large, dark area, especialy when you are in a cave, try light up the area and dig around to see if there's any other caves nearby.
  17. Go to this link, this is a new snapshot 12w34b including fixs for 12w34a. http://www.minecraftforum.net/news/586-minecraft-news-updated-snapshot-more/
  18. DanielJin


    You can only ask questions if you already answered one. Double posting and bumping is bad. You certainly can ask questions here, but without bumping. Make a tekkit bug report, that's how you ask questions. And I'm getting tired of your super-posting. Ok. Maybe. Someone will answer it, eventually when you got things right.
  19. Mystcraft is already in technic rec build, you can install Mystcraft onto tekkit yourself.
  20. Teleport pipes works with any pipes, you only need a wooden pipe to output item from a storage.
  21. There is a big button that says "submit a bug report" right on top.
  22. You will be better off posting a bug report in the correct section, and tell us what is not working.
  23. I know him, he's from one of the "idiot" thread mentioned before.
  24. How aboout villagers been infected by zombies? Zombie survial maps just got more scary. Also, Baby zombies!
  25. Yep, all IC storage units have 5 input side, and 1 dotted side for output.
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